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Impact of the iPad

1. Evaluate the impact of the iPad using Porter's competitive forces model.

2. What makes the iPad a disruptive technology? Who are likely to be the winners and losers if the iPad becomes a hit? Why?

3. Describe the effects that the iPad is likely to have on the business models of Apple, content creators, and distributors.

4. How powerful is the iPad? How useful is it for reading books, newspapers or magazines, for surfing the Web, and watching video? Can you identify any shortcomings of the device?

5. Compare the capabilities of the Kindle to the iPad. Which is a better device for reading books? Explain your answer.

6. Would you like to use an iPad or Kindle for the books you use in your college courses or read for pleasure instead of traditional print publications? Why or why not?


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This solution is a 1014 word document that outlines the impact of the iPad using Porter's Five Forces Model. It answers questions about disruptive technology and the effect that the iPad could have on Apple, content creators, and distributors. There are four references included in this work.