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    Survey: Asking questions in a survey

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    I have to choose a topic that interests me. Formulate one or two questions I would like to ask in a survey. I have to design three scales based on these questions.

    I have to choose three of the five scales from below:

    1) Graphic rating scale
    2) Itemized rating scale
    3) Comparative rating scale
    4) Likert scale
    5) Semantic differential scale

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    How about the topic of buying an ipad. This is such a popular new product, that it would make for interesting questions.

    Some questions might be:

    - Do you plan on buying an ipad?
    - How do you think the ipad and ipod differ?
    - How much are you willing to pay for the ipad?
    - How do you feel about the different feature of the ipad?

    Design of the questionnaire:

    Using Itemized rating scale, we can assess an opinion of the ipad. We break down the scale for the individuals, and then the chose one response.

    We can ask a question ...

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    This solution helps develop design and includes questions to be asked in a survey. It also helps develop rating scales for an iPad review.