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    Describe a survey; prepare a survey for the auto industry

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    Auto industry Survey

    Develop a problem statement which can be addressed with survey research. Prepare a 10-13-question survey to collect primary data regarding your selected problem statement.

    Your survey questions must include a mixture of categorical (nominal and ordinal) and quantitative (interval and ratio) variables.

    Next, prepare an analysis of your survey. In your analysis, include the following:
    d. Explain how the proposed survey addresses your problem statement
    e. Determine if your survey questions are appropriate to research your business problem. Explain
    f. Identify the level of measurement being used for each of your survey questions
    g. Explain what ethical implications must be considered when developing survey questions

    Attach your survey as an appendix to your survey paper. Do NOT use a survey written by someone other than you.

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    //The given paper is a research paper which is based on the survey of auto industry. In the first section of the research survey paper, I am describing the process and components of the survey under the heading of introduction. In the same section of the discussion, the problem statement for the survey is also mentioned.//

    Research Survey


    In the areas of measurement, Survey research forms the most significant part in applied social research. The wide area of survey research is characterized by the measurement procedures, which might involve asking of questions from the respondents. These questionnaires can be prepared in different forms by using different variables depending on the problem statement.

    Problem Statement

    To know about the level of customer satisfaction in terms of the products and services those are offered by the GM. In order to find satisfaction level among the customers, survey research was conducted. For collecting the primary data, question survey was prepared, which is based on the categorical (nominal and ordinal) and quantitative (interval and ratio) variables.

    //In the next section of the discussion paper, I am including the questions for the survey to be conducted. The given question will help the reader to understand how effective will the survey process be. Not only the survey questions, but also the appropriateness of the discussion is also analyzed in the section.//

    Question Survey

    The proposed question survey effectively addresses the problem statement as questions have been formulated based on the qualitative and the quantitative variables. The element of customer ...

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