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    Employee Retention Rates in Car Dealer, Industry, Job Level

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    Select a (Car Dealer) as a retail organization to serve as the basis for this assignment.

    Investigate the employee retention rates at the industry, retail category, and job level.

    Prepare a summary of your findings. Comment on whether attrition rates in the retail industry are higher than other industries and explain why. Properly cite your sources in your paper.

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    Employee retention rates in the automotive industry vary a great deal depending upon the level reviewed. At the industry level, the turnover is 19 percent, which places it below business and health services, retail, travel and hotel industries (Nobscot Corporation, n/d). This is probably due to the pay, benefits, and job security associated with the automotive industry. Other industries, which also experience lower turnover, include government, high tech and telecommunication industries, and the utility, petroleum, and mining industries. Each of these industries also typically feature training programs, generous benefits, and minimal effect on industry positions due to economical swings of prosperity and austerity. In the case of the automobile industry, production can be stockpiled or shifted to fit the economic climate.

    Car dealerships represent the retail level of the industry, and turnover is significantly higher. ...

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    This solution investigates the employee retention rates at car dealers at the industry, retail category, and job level. It discusses whether attrition rates in the retail industry are higher than in other industries and why. Sources are cited.