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    Literature Review- employee attraction and retention

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    This is a masters level assignment
    500-700 words
    Literature Review

    Employee attraction and retention in the recruitment sector

    Why is agency recruitment a stressful job to do?
    What causes burnout amongst recruitment staff?
    What is the trend towards attracting recruitment employees?
    How do HRM practices affect turnover amongst recruitment staff?

    Minimum of 100 words and 1 academic reference per question.

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    Employee attraction and retention in the recruitment sector

    the influence of workplace attraction on recruitment and retention. Academic Journal By: Amundson, Norman E. Journal of Employment Counseling. Dec2007, Vol. 44 Issue 4, p154-162. 9p. Abstract:

    Attracting employees and retaining employees have become more problematic as a result of economic changes since the global recession, which has forced every business sector, including recruiting agencies, to focus more on recruitment and retention as key issues for career development and human resources. Recruitment agencies must develop a more thorough understanding of the match that exists between workers and workplaces. Therefore, the recruiting agencies must assess contextual variables such as age, culture, and gender that heavily influence the attraction process to develop better policies that will be incorporated into all career phases of the recruiters career trajectory. The facts are that recruiting is a career with high employee turnover as it represents a very stressful job, which is actually one of the most stressful jobs in any industry. Therefore, attracting the most optimal employees with ensure that recruiting agencies are able to hire those who will remain committed to the goals and objectives of the recruiting agency.

    Why is agency ...

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    Employee attraction and retention for recruitment agencies are examined.