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I need assistance with finding at least 4 scholarly resources to complete a power point presentation. The assignment is requesting me to design a continual training and communications program that will improve communications in an online university where all members including student, instructors, and employees are virtual. Can you please help? listed below are some of the topics that i need to address. i was impressed with previous scholarly resources that you recommended, and would appreciate it if you could recommend scholarly resources and material for me to review to complete this assignment including notes and ideas on topics to include in the ppt. Thank you.
•How the university plans to maintain important communications to all staff.
•Plans to improve morale and keep up a positive working environment when employees are virtual.
•Methods and expectations for completing performance reviews and other employee evaluations.
•Offerings for continual required training and optional professional development.
•Any other items you deem important for a thorough, effective and enjoyable presentation from the human resources team.

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The answer to this problem explains scholarly resources on human resource topics for developing a ppt. The references related to the answer are also included.

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1. Since your team is required to maintain a positive environment when working in virtual teams, you must include this article (Ali D. Akkirman, Drew L. Harris, 2005.
The article compares levels of communication satisfaction between virtual workplace and traditional workplace employees and finds out the causes of these differences.
2. Since one of the topics is related to completing performance reviews and other employee evaluations, you should include this article (Andy Neely, Mike Gregory, Ken Platts, 2005).
The article underlines the importance of performance evaluation. This idea can be included in your ppt.
3. Since your team is interested in human resource development, you should include this article in your power point (Ans De Vos, Annelies Meganck, 2009).
The article differentiates ...

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