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    Global Sourcing

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    I need help finding problems in global sourcing for a paper. I would like 2 problems listed and 5 references to go along with the problem.

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    Global Sourcing

    Two problems: (1) Economics [Costs, Fees, Payments, + Financial Factors]. (2) Human Resources [Employee / Worker Issues]

    N.B. Scholarly references, such as those from academic sources may usually be accessed for free through your school's library; however, contact a librarian for further information.

    * Economics

    - Financial Risks and More in Global Sourcing | OPEN Forum

    - On risk and cost in global sourcing
    International Journal of Production Economics
    May 2011, Vol.131(1):333-341, doi:10.1016/j.ijpe, 2010.04.003, Innsbruck 2008

    - Developing a framework for evaluating the logistics costs in global sourcing processes: An implementation and insights
    Amy Z. Zeng Department of Management, Worcester ...

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    The solution provides help with finding problems in global sourcing for a paper; and offers 2 problems listed and 5 references to go along with the problem for further research.