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McDonald's: Global Sourcing and Procurement

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McDonald's: What are the Benefits, risks, and constraints of global sourcing and procurement.

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// Before writing such a paper one must select a company in whose reference the various global sourcing and procurement issues can be studied. For this case we have selected McDonald's. Firstly we would give a brief introduction of the company.//

McDonald's: Global Sourcing and Procurement

McDonald is the world's largest fast food industry which does its sourcing and procurement at global level. Global sourcing and procurement is proving a strategic weapon in a company's arsenal due to increasing focus on core-competence and the competitive advantage of offering innovative services to customers where and when they need it. (Murthy, 2007).

Though the company is having several benefits with global sourcing and procurement, yet also facing many risks and constraints. Global sourcing places an emphasis on identifying opportunities to "improve quality, lower prices, or gain efficiencies on a worldwide or regional basis.

// Above we gave a short introduction of the company. Now we'll begin with various benefits of global sourcing and procurement.//

Benefits of Global Sourcing And Procurement

1. Cost benefits- Many organizations are taking advantage of the opportunity to source from low-cost countries. The countries which are large producers of materials required by McDonald help it to provide those materials at very low cost.

2. Easy availability- The great advantage of global sourcing is the ...

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