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    Pros and Cons of personality tests predictors of job performance

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    Discuss the pros and cons of using personality tests as predictors of job performance.

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    Discuss the pros and cons of using personality tests as predictors of job performance
    I have provided two sections:
    1. The first simply looks at the pros and cons of using personality tests to screen hiring employees. This provides some basic understanding of the most common use of the tests and would be the entry point use of predicting whether an applicant is going to be a good employee.
    2. The second section looks at using personality tests for existing employees and whether these can be used to improve performance. These tests are generally given with the intention of improving individual and teams performance within an organization. It would be unusual for a company to invest in the cost of personality testing for its existing employees, simply to 'predict' performance. It is generally understood that the business case for investing in the testing process would be to use that information to improve individual and team performance.
    Section 1:
    Why consider personality tests for job screening?
    • In today's world, most jobs receive a large number of applicants
    • Part of the reason for using these is to reduce the number of applicants that need to be screened by HR staff.
    • Really important that the test not be the only screening technique, it should be one part of the whole
    • A personality test taken at the time of application can help reduce the number of applicants that are screened in;
    • Allows for HR manager to look for specific characteristics that have been identified as missing in an existing project team, or specific characteristics that are must have to have a cohesive working team;
    • Deepens the understanding of the interviewers for the person who is being interviewed;
    • Provides additional information to the hiring team, that ...

    Solution Summary

    Using personality tests to screen for hiring or promotions is controversial. There has been significant scholarly research that indicates that the use of the tests can be problematic. More recent work suggests that if there is a clear outcome and the instrument used is chosen with care and is one part of a larger process. These tests can be helpful both in screen applicants, but also can help an individual employee improve performance, if results are shared in a positive way. It can also improve the ability of an employer to decide on the members of a project team.