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    The Role of Leadership Skills in Human Resource Management

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    As we become ever more global in operations and organizations. We are increasingly having to address the needs of HRM on an international, national, and regional level within the organization.

    Locate a credible scholarly or professional resource that addresses the needs of HRM in a multinational organization. Provide a summary analysis of this article regarding the concepts that this organization is using and its effectiveness. Please substantiate your perspectives through the use of internal and external resources of the course materials or
    Locate two credible scholarly or professional resources that address the issues of international human resource management. Provide a summary analysis of these articles. Please cite accordingly in order to sufficiently support the analysis. Please review these articles as you would as a human resource consultant. If you were to address this issue presenting to senior leadership in an organization, what would you say regarding this topic. Support your answers using these resources and those of the course material.

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    International business organizations are facing several HRM issues for managing their business operations across the world. In this context, the following discussion provides a summary analysis of an article that depicts the major HRM issue faced by McDonald's and the measures taken by the company for resolving the identified issue.//
    The article 'McDonald's Faces Teen Labor Shortage' provides a complete description and analysis of the labor problem faced by human Resource Managers of McDonald's (Sterrett, 2011). The article illustrates the potential threat faced by the company in the global market due to ...

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