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    create an HRM strategy for an organization you are familiar with. In your HRM strategy, address the following elements:
    ◦Alignment with the general business strategy
    ◦Strategic vision
    ◦Job satisfaction

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    //In the contemporary business environment, the role of effective human resource management is constantly increasing as human beings are considered as the key driving forces in the success of the organisation. In this context, this paper highlights the role of human resource management in Wal-Mart//.
    Alignment with the General Business Strategy
    In the present contemporary business environment, human resources are considered as the important sources for business organizations to gain a competitive advantage as the employees are treated as assets of the organization (Sims, 2002). In the present scenario, the human resource policies and practices lead to an increase in the performance of the employees in different areas, such as productivity and quality. The practices of compensation management, performance management and appraisal, training and development, employee empowerment and engagement are carried out in Wal-Mart. These practices help Wal-Mart in boosting the morale of the workforce and contribute to the overall business growth of the organization in the external environment. Along with this, the cost-leadership strategy and staffing practices are followed in Wal-Mart in order to produce a sustainable competitive advantage with the help of its human resources.
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