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Web Recruiting and Alternate Strategies

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There are alternative methods to Web recruiting. Internal transfer, promotion, and local management to name a few. When you are going global, to what extent does it make sense to incorporate other strategies? Is it easier from a systems point of view to do everything as corporate Web recruiting?

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From a systems point of view, using a globally connected Web based strategy for recruiting is a good option. Through developing an interconnected global network, the HRM team will be able to quickly identify talent across different regions and will ensure that they are reaching a wide range of potential recruits in a cost effective manner (Pastore, 2010).

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When a company is going global, the HRM team will have to develop new strategies for the recruitment of its global workforce. Where practical, the use of alternate methods to fill global positions may be a part of the overall recruitment strategy, however, it will be imperative that the HRM team understand the many factors and demands of the global location in order to identify the best methods for recruiting and identifying top talent to add in those areas (Hurst, 2009). The use of the internet and Web Based recruiting ...

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