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    HRM Strategy

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    The company at which you work has given you free rein to design an entire realm of talent management policies and procedures that include performance, retention, labor relations, compensation, and benefits recommendations. Your goal is to design a state-of-the-art HRM strategy with corresponding suggestions for how to put this into practice. Once it is formulated, you will present the program to your upper management. Create a presentation in a common format (PowerPoint or a similar program) with a minimum of twenty (20) slides and corresponding speaker notes in which you:

    1.Describe the type of organization for which you are designing the HRM program.
    2.Create an HRM strategy outline that will support your proposal.
    3.Address each of the criteria (performance, retention, labor relations, compensation, and benefits) with a proposed policy and procedure.
    4.Justify each of your HRM selections by aligning it with your HRM strategy.
    5.Support your premises with data you have collected from three (3) similar organizations in order to convince your upper management that you have prepared well and your plan should be adopted.
    6.Use at least three (3) quality academic resources in this assignment. Note: Wikipedia and other Websites do not qualify as academic resources.

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    The HRM strategy is imperative for any business organizations to excel in meeting internal resource staffing goals for insuring business continuity. In doing so, the human resources department management is empowered to setting parameters in several criteria's that will instill a proactive method for business operations. Let's take a look at certain areas of reference:

    -Describe the type of organization for which you are designing the HRM program.

    Try and think of the type an organization that requires a proficient way for managing new and current employees that performs business continuity. For instance, the increase of technology that consumers spend majority of their time online searching for products and services encouraged browser companies to sustain such a need, i.e. Google, Yahoo, Firefox, and Google Chrome - to a name a few. In focusing on the browser company product model, the design of a new HRM strategy can offer a strategic approach for successful implementation for meeting long-term goals. By selecting an organization, such as, Yahoo that is currently in revamping the complete operations will provide means to making progress in moving forward in achieving the company's core goals.

    The competitive browser company is to entails being creative and alluring in attracting new online uses that will in turn utilizes the email capability. The advertising revenue and brand identity is essential for reaching the targeted corporate goals. Thus, the HRM strategy is to strategically position the online business fortune 500 company in searching for specific job position candidates to excel in performing job duties.

    -Create an HRM strategy outline that will support your proposal.

    An online browser company needs strategic processes that perfects the selections and retention process due to high competition within the targeted marketplace. Thus, the propose ...

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