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Strategic HR Management for Healthcare Facility

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Strategic HR Management. Assume you have been appointed the new VP of HR as of today. Healthcare facility (hospital).

1. Describe the unique challenges of managing the human resources function for your specific organization.
2. Analyze the competencies required for your specific position, & determine in which areas your need to develop. Provide specific examples to support your rationale.
3. Determine the role you think the company could play in developing your for the opportunity. What would you need the company to do? How does it benefit the company?
4. Develop a strategic view of human resources that supports your institution's organizational strategy.
[3 references must be peer-reviewed journals.]

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The solution discusses the strategic human resources management for healthcare facility.

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Unique challenges of managing the human resources function for a hospital
Managing the human resources of a health care facility, particularly a hospital, is not an easy task. As indicated by a study cited in an online source, the most frequently reported challenge was poor employee retention. Other significant challenges include lack of qualified personnel, and lack of a system for performance evaluation.
Other specific areas that pose a challenge to the human resource management of a health care facility include:

1. Diverse employee population
Handling employees of diverse race, culture, values, economic situation, family orientation, and of other socio-cultural variables is critical to a human resource manager. Diverse employees have diverse work styles, priorities, job engagements, motivations, principles, beliefs, and perceptions that may affect their levels of performance.

2. Urgent need for personnel who are knowledgeable about new medical technology and information systems
Competitors beat each other through respective implementations of the most advanced and sophisticated technologies possible. In order to cope, a health care organization must have to invest in such technologies and at the same time invest in enhancing the knowledge and skills of personnel.

There is also a demand for more sophisticated medical processes in order to handle new and more complicated and sensitive patients' medical problems. This would mean a need for competent and appropriate human resources.

3. Organizing the best hospital personnel (http://www.innerbody.com/careers-in-health/becoming-hospital-hr-manager.html). This is a ...

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