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Strategic Human Resource Management

In a recent survey, Hewitt Associates, one of the nationâ??s largest HR consulting companies, found that HR executives were primarily on one of two types of roads with respect to health care benefits:
Stop light-to-stop lightâ?"They view health care benefits as an attraction and retention tool and are in a competitive market for talent. At the same time, however, they do not tend to see health and productivity as a business issue.

Superhighwayâ?"They see a present and productive workforce as a critical business advantage and are much more likely to be offering cutting-edge programs around health and health care today as well as in the future.

Where do you stand? Are heath care benefits mostly about providing a benefit for the sake of attraction and retention? Or, are health care benefits about more than that; do they affect productivity and are, therefore, a significant business issue?

Please cite at least one source.

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I believe that healthcare benefits are great way to attract and retain talented employees, and that healthcare benefits are beneficial for companies to provide, due to the fact that they increase the productivity of their employees. So in essence, my stance is that both of these ...