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HRM Strategic Management Questions

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1. What s strategic human resource management?

2. What are the key objectives of Human Resource Planning?

3. Describe the two major models of strategy for strategic management discussed in the text. Compare and contrast the models

4. Describe how human resource planning (HRP) is integrated with strategic planning.

5. How does strategic HR differ from traditional HR?

6. What implications do the anticipated changes in age of the workforce have for the management of human resources?

7. What are the barriers to strategic HRM?

8. What is the Balanced Scorecard?

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HRM strategic management are examined. The key objectives of human resource planning are determined.

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Running Head: Strategic Human Resource Management

Strategic Human Resource Management
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1. What s strategic human resource management?
Strategic human resource management is the managerial process that links human resource policies within an organization to the organizations strategic objectives, and is continuously evolving with changes in business and human resource practices (Bratton, 2001). This implies therefore that consistent and well aligned human resource policies programs and practices should be developed in order to facilitate the attainment of an organization's strategic core business objectives.
SHRM aligns the needs and goals of employees with the company's strategic goals. This implies that SHRM incorporates human resource planning into the company strategic management and in doing so not only develops human resource within the company but also enhances the capability of the firm to meet its strategic objectives through human resource leverage. SHRM provides HR competitive intelligence information and analyses a business's internal strengths and weaknesses and the firm's external opportunities that are useful in the strategic planning process of the firm. It also ensures effective management, development and retainance of highly competent people within the organization. SHRM is very important to the success of any organization. It not only gives a company a competitive edge but also attracts and retains a highly competent workforce which in turn leads to high productivity within the organization (Boxall & Purcell, 2003).

2. What are the key objectives of Human Resource Planning?
Human resource planning is a process planning aimed achieving the optimum use of an organization human resource. The main objective of human resource planning is to ensure that the right person at the right time is at the right job (Bratton, 2001). Planning human resource ensures that the required employees are available and the fit between the employees and the jobs they hold is optimal and productive. HR planning is also aimed at ensuring that there are no shortages or surpluses in the company workforce through forecasting and balancing labor demand and supply.
Human resource planning is very important to the overall business strategy planning of an organization. This is because it links HRM directly to the strategic plan of a company by providing essential intelligence information. HR planning is very important to an organization. It not only predicts the future needs of the company's human resources through analyzing current labour market, future labor environment and the current human resources within the organization but also provides important projected scenarios that can be used in the strategic planning of the organization. Through this the company is able ensure consistent high human resource performance (Bratton, 2001).

3. Describe the two major models of strategy for strategic management discussed in the text. Compare and contrast the models
The strategic models can be conservative or ...

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