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    Understanding SWOT analysis and strategic management plan

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    Understanding of a SWOT analysis and to apply it a chosen facility in the development of a strategic management plan (Duke University)

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    This assignment calls for the understanding of a SWOT analysis and to apply it to our chosen facility in the development of a strategic management plan. SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. This type of analysis is basically a tool that any company may use to determine an overall snapshot of the health of the company. This in turn enables managers to make better and more accurately informed decisions.

    Duke University Hospital has an enormous and distinguished list of strengths that rival most any other healthcare facility. The paramount strength must be its elite staffing and physicians, adding to the elite status of the medical school it is a part of. As this facility is part of the University it is structured around education which only adds to the quality of the facility and in the constantly updated technology required to teach modern medical students. Added to this fact I would have to say that Duke's other main strengths lie predominantly stated in its mission and vision statements. They are:
    Duke's mission is "To serve our patients and the global community by providing the finest clinical integration of patient care, education, and research while respecting the needs of the human spirit" (DukeHealth.org, 2008).
    Duke's vision is "To be the leading academic health service provider by delivering high quality, innovative responses to society's changing health care needs" (DukeHealth.org, 2008).

    I believe these two statements show Duke as being vigil about not only local and national healthcare but globally as well. Duke remains ...