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Multi-generational Workforce

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Multigenerational Workforce
Leadership challenges posed by the multigenerational workforce are many. One solution may not fit all employment settings or projects within the same setting. How do you value the Boomer Generation workforce while engaging Gen Y for a successful and harmonious work environment? What does the future hold for your organization if you, as a leader, are unwilling or unable to adapt your leadership style in concert with your ever-changing staff demographics?
This week, you are asked to research and find an additional scholarly publication that either supports or rejects the position of the Learning Resource articles. Comparing and contrasting through synthesis is an effective tool for thought leading to implementation and evaluation.
To Prepare
• Review the Learning Resources.
• Research and find a scholarly publication that supports or rejects the position of the Learning Resources.
• Post by Day 3 a description of a scholarly article you identified within the last 5 years on the multigenerational workforce in the government or nonprofit sector. (The article must not be one of the Learning Resource articles). Include the APA citation of the article with your description. Next, synthesize this article with at least one of the readings included in your Learning Resources. Reflect on your experience of working within a multigenerational workforce.

Samples of Reading sources
•Slagter, F. (2007). Knowledge management among the older workforce. Journal of Knowledge Management, 11(4), 82-96.
Chaudhuri, S., & Ghosh, R. (2012). Reverse mentoring: A social exchange tool for keeping the Boomers engaged and Millennials committed. Human Resource Development Review, 11(1), 55-76.
Meister, J. C., & Willyerd, K. (2010, May). Mentoring Millennials: Delivering the feedback Gen Y craves is easier than you think. Harvard Business Review, 88(5), 68-72.

Posting Guidelines:
Use a minimum of 200 words for the initial posting : APA references (only)

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Step 1
A scholarly article supports the position of the Learning Resource. According to the article (a), it is important for leaders to develop knowledge of differences in motivations, working styles, communication patterns, and technological preferences of multigenerational workforce. According to this article which uses research in Nigerian public organizations, the ability of leaders to integrate multigenerational differences brings in benefits such as higher workplace creativity, innovation, talent attraction, ...

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