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    Cohesiveness in multi-generational work teams

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    This solution is for a graduate level nursing course in which we have been discussing multi-generational work teams of Registered Nurses that can create a source of conflict and challenge in the health care arena. Describe issues which could cause conflict or challenge between two different generations of nurses. The goal is to make the nursing profession more of a cohesive group.

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    I have give you a list of significant issues re multi-generational nursing teams. It is not exclusive so you may want to add more. I don't know if this is for a written assignment or a discussion but I'm sure you can develop each point as you need to. Good luck!

    Multigenerational work teams for Registered Nurses.

    I guess for one credit you are looking for key points either for class discussion or to guide a written assignment.

    First of all multigenerational working should enhance quality of care in the health care arena (HCA) because of the wealth of differing experience and expertise ...

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    This solution discusses cohesiveness in multi-generational work teams.