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    Management in Pairs

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    Apply the extreme programming concept of pair programming to management. What might be the effect of asking managers to work in pairs? Could pair management have particular effectiveness for distributed teams as compared to co-located teams?

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    In order to gain the competitive advantage in an increasingly competitive environment, the success of an organization often depends on teamwork that happens in pair programming. Cooperation, trust, and cohesiveness are essential components of pair programming and must exist at all levels within an organization to prevent conflict. More specifically, the cooperation, trust, and cohesiveness shared between an organization's leadership and its employees is paramount to success. By benchmarking conflict management efforts of companies like Verizon, an organisation can accomplish its tasks through the effective use of pair management.

    Conflict management is often used to resolve issues or problems that prevent a team from cooperation, trust, and cohesiveness. As in the case of Verizon and General Motors, different approaches of conflict ...

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    The expert applies the extreme programming concepts of pair programming to management. The effects of asking managers to work in pairs are examined.