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    Workforce schedule

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    As part of the educational process of the senior management team, you must create a workforce schedule method for scheduling the operations of the manufacturing of the running shoe.
    Research different types of methods for operations scheduling (demand, workforce and operations), and construct a report for the president of the company. The company will produce 10,000 pairs of running shoes on 10 machines. Each machine (or workstation) can make 500 pairs of shoes per day. Determine when the employees will work if all 10,000 pairs of shoes need to be completed in 90 days. Complete the following:

    Create a workforce schedule for the manufacturing of the running shoe.
    Discuss 2-3 reasons why the company should or should not use the 3 methods.
    Discuss the pros and cons of each of the 3 different methods.

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    I have provided discussions points below which will help you write your final report. Note that without a complete listing of the activities that go into the production of a pair of shoes, I really can't create a complete schedule. However, I presented the skeleton which you can easily expand on.
    First, let's look at the different activities that go into scheduling:
    1. Loading - this is where the project manager determine the amount of work to be assigned in each stage of the process
    2. Sequencing - this is where the decision on the order with which jobs are started and processed at each stage of the production process
    3. Scheduling - this is where the start and finish times of the project are allocated (Brown, Blackmon, Cousins & Maylor, 2013)
    Second, let me walk you through the three methods of operations scheduling including pros and cons.
    1. Demand method
    In a way this ...

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    Create a workforce schedule taking into account three operations scheduling methods: demand, workforce, and operations