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Managing Intergenerational Friction in Diverse Workplaces

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1. What are some possible sources of intergenerational friction? How might you deal with that?
2. In your opinion, what are some key business reasons for emphasizing the effective management of a diverse workforce?

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1. In today's workforce, there is a significant blend of multiple generations working together. The "Baby Boomer" generation is now, and will be for several years, at the age to retire. The "Sandwich Generation" - known as those caring for children and also aging parents, are also in the workforce. Finally, the "Generation X" group are several years removed from college, having "grown up" in the social media/internet age. Sources of intergenerational friction may include Boomers that are disengaged in their jobs as they move towards retirement, with the generations below them frustrated by this attitude. Also, many organizations fail to devise succession plans for the mass retirements of ...

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This solution is over 400 words and addresses two questions on workforce diversity: what causes generations to "class" at work and how to deal manage differences; along with why it is simply "good business sense" to have a diverse workforce.