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    Preliminary Literature for Managing Multicultural workplaces

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    Review attached sources on Managing Multicultural workplaces. Note the ways in which the literature is used. Use these resources to create a literature map considering these questions:

    What are the trends in the literature?

    What aspects of the topic have been researched?

    What aspects of the topic need to be researched further, according to the articles?

    Based on the literature, what commonly held assumptions exist within the field?

    Based on the literature, what areas of discourse, contention (if any), or divergent perspectives exist?

    Where would your research interests fall within this framework? Does Managing multicultural workplaces fill in a gap in the research? How does it relate to the existing literature?

    Having created your literature map or outline, you will draft a Literature Review

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    What are the trends in the literature?

    The literature has taken a turn towards focusing on managing a diverse population. The trend is generally in managing, training, and evaluating performance in a multicultural setting. Most of the emphasis is placed on how to manage these different aspects of managing diversity. It is also focused on change and change management, the background, the skills, the reasons and the ways to identify the needs and handle change.

    What aspects of the topic have been researched?

    The aspects include, managing different groups, bringing together different groups, training people of different backgrounds, evaluating people of different backgrounds and skills. There is ...

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    A preliminary literature review for managing multicultural workplaces are determined.