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    This solution offers some suggestions regarding three different leadership theories that involves culture.

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    I did not format the notes into APA style, as they are merely my brainstorming using the citations.

    In the first place, as you briefly discuss three different leadership theories, offer rationales for selecting them, and identify an organizational problem or issue to be analyzed, I really like empowering workers, so servant leadership aligns well with my preferences. This ideology places others before one's self, so I validate its rationale for promoting a worker-centered, positive, empowering climate for all.

    Research further shows that this theory can definitely apply to cross-cultural contexts, so my other rationale is that it can accommodate multicultural, diverse, and global work settings and make all workers feel valued, equitable, and essential parts of the whole. It can also promote a community or family feeling, which boosts morale and workers' positive attitudes.

    One article clearly confirms that this type is both highly effective and culturally relevant:

    Rodriguez-Rubio, A., & Kiser, A. T. (2013). An Examination of Servant Leadership in the United States and Mexico: Do Age and Gender Make a Difference?. Global Studies Journal, 5(2), 127-149.

    The authors further define how servant leadership strongly emphasizes basic premises such as "collaboration, trust, empathy, and the ethical use of power, and their motivation is not to increase their own power but rather to better serve others" (127). These traits help workers to feel like one is authentic and leading my example. It also builds moral and ethical compasses at work.

    Moreover, it also involves serving and leading others with commitment ...

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    700 words of notes briefly summarize some essential leadership theories and validate why these paradigms are detrimental in today's current workplaces. APA references are listed to guide users as well.