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    Design a Research Plan: Multicultural Lit for Youngsters

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    Please assist me in developing a research plan for Multicultural Literature In Early Childhood Education.

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    To develop a research plan, you must consider the various aspects of the project. First, you need to define your terms. That sounds simplistic, but it helps clarify what you want to do with the topic. The questions that occurred to me that need an answer include the following:

    What qualifies as multicultural? Exactly what does this term mean and encompass, and (important, also) what is multicultural NOT?
    What qualifies as literature? Picture books or only those with text? Does any old story count, or only those which have earned prizes as being exceptional in quality? What judgments are made of this type of literature - what prizes can these books win? Is there a "Pulitzer" for this genre?
    What sort of literature is appropriate for Early Childhood student recipients?
    What ages of children does the term Early Childhood include? This will certainly influence the choice of appropriate material.
    What books are educational? Are there some that are not educational, but are still exceptional enough to include?
    What should be avoided? Anything? Nothing? What will that policy be, because it WILL be challenged, mark my words!

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    Step-by-step description of process of developing a research plan and choosing topic for multicultural literature for young children