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I need help with the following questions 5 questions
1. Which section of a proposal discusses the reliability of any tests that are to be used?
Literature review
Implications and limitations

2. Which of the following would be considered a major section of a research proposal?

3. Which section of a manuscript reviews the relevant research that has been done in the chosen area?
Running header

4. Which section of a manuscript describes the subjects used in a study in the greatest detail?

5. When reviewing a test, which of the following is a list of the seven major criteria to consider?
Popularity , basic information, design and appearance, reliability, norms, validity, evaluation
Design and appearance, evaluation, popularity, basic information, reliability, norms, validity
Reliability, design and appearance, general information, norms, validity, popularity, evaluation
Basic information, evaluation, general test information, design and appearance, reliability, norms, validity

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1. What the tests show and what they do not would be the limitations and applications.

2. The method is a major part of the research paper. It is in here that the type of research, how it related, who and what the subjects are, how they were found, and what instruments ...

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The solutions provides a review using supplied questions of the parts of a research study proposal.

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