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Counselor Professional Identity

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As a counselor, Consider what stands out as especially important to you from Counselor Professional Identity, Function, and Ethics.

Do you agree or disagree with the statement,, "Counselors should be like scientists when working with clients, objectively generating hypotheses as to what may be troubling the client and then researching with the client to confirm or dispute the original hypotheses?" Defend your position and include the extent to which therapists should incorporate aspects of the scientific method into their approach to doing therapy?

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Exploring if the counselor professional identity approach should done be in a scientifical manner.

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Counselor Professional Identity:

This applies to your own supporting theoretical approaches and beliefs. For example, throughout my counseling profession I have found myself drawn to the person-centered and cognitive behavioral therapeutic approaches. However, I may utilize another therapeutic approach dependent upon my clients' needs and assessment. Exploring the 11 counseling theories and practice allows you to decide which ones you are most drawn to and throughout your counseling career you will have established your own integrative approach. "Counseling is an intimate form of learning, it demands a practitioner who is willing to shed stereotypes and be an authentic person in the therapeutic relationship" (Corey, 2009, p.17). ...

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