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Ethical, legal and professional identity

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The profession of counseling is distinguished from other helping professions by its distinct set of underlying philosophical beliefs. Your Ethical, Legal, and Professional Issues in Counseling text identifies four of these beliefs on pages 26-27.
1.Describe your own view of each of these beliefs and discuss how each one will be important to your work as a professional counselor. Provide specific examples to illustrate your ideas.
2.Identify any other beliefs you hold that will help to form your own professional identity.

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This assignment is asking for your own personal reflection of the material taught. Since I do not know you or your views, I will guide you in your answer and give an example. Please modify to fit your personal life story.

1. Ethical, Legal and Professional issues are important to your work as a professional counselor. To be a ...

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The importance of ethical, legal and professional identity in the counselling profession is expounded on in over 200 words.

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