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Counseling Services with Children

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-Based on your experience in the field of counseling or other professional arena, Can you identify and discuss three specific legal issues that are associated with the provision of counseling services to children and adolescents.
-Evaluate how you, or someone you know, handled those issues.
-Based on what you have learned, is there a better way to handle these issues, in retrospect?

300 words or more with scholarly references

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(1) Can you identify and discuss three specific legal issues that are associated with the provision of counseling services to child and adolescents?

(a) One of the legal issues to consider is obtaining informed consent from minors who are considered as legally incapable of providing informed consent. For instance, the psychologist must provide an explanation, or obtain appropriate permission for informed consent.

(b) Another legal issue concerns parental rights that take place with guardianship, or divorce proceedings. The counselor must be assured that he or she is engaged with the rightful parent or guardian, and adhering to court rulings.

(c) A final legal issue to be considered, as with adults, under HIPPA privacy rules the child's identity and health information must be protected (Bersoff, 2003).

(2) Evaluate how you or someone you know handled this issue.

[Note: this is a personal question, and should be answered from your perspective. The following ethical analysis and study that ...

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This solution discusses issues associated with children and adolescent counseling services

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