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Drug Treatment

-Identify at least one inpatient treatment program and one outpatient treatment program and compare them.

I need help with comparing the bullets below within the programs chosen:
ï Treatment modalities used by the programs
ïi. Populations served

I chose two programs for inpatient and two programs for outpatient. The web sites for the programs that I have chosen are:

Inpatient Treatment:


Outpatient Treatment:


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? Treatment modalities used by inpatient treatment programs

Duffy is a rehabilitation (rehab) center that provides services for drug addiction and rehabilitation. Treatment includes the following services: (a) one-on-one counseling services, (b) practice of recovery skills, (c) therapy for emotional growth and problems solving, and (d) help in personal counseling.
Populations served: Adults

The DePaul treatment center is a health group that provides treatment and educational programs for adults and youth, who are struggling with behavioral issues such as: chemical dependency, eating disorders, obesity, pain management, and learning disabilities. In addition, they provide treatment for specialized learning environment for children.
Populations served: Adults and Youth

? Treatment modalities used in outpatient programs

The CRC Health Group provides clinically effective treatment via the Internet. Patients engage in individual counseling, educational seminars and interactive group counseling under the guidance of ...

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This solution explores drug treatment options of in-patient and outpatient care at some specific health care facilites. The article compares and contrasts in-patient and out-patient treatment care.