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Observational Study or Experiment?

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Identify whether the following study is an observational study or an experiment. If its an experiment identify the control group and treatment group and discuss whether a single or double blinding is necessary. If the study is observational state whether it is a case control study and if so identify cases and controls.

A double blind drug vs. placebo study of 109 patients suffering from tinnitus demonstrated the effectiveness of ginkgo biloba extract. The ginkgo treatment improved the condition of all patients.

- Observational study, not case control
- Experiment, the treatment group is patients that received the drug and the control group is patients that received the placebo, double blind
- Experiment, the control group is patients who received the drug and the control group is patients who received nothing, double blind
- Observational study, case control, the cases are the patients that received the drug the controls are the patients who received the placebo

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An observational study or experiment is examined. The treatment group for patients that received the drug and the control group of patients that received the placebo is analyzed.

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