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Data Collection Survey Techniques

Compare and contrast the different methods available for collecting survey data and include examples that are different from what is used in the textbook. Describe the advantages and disadvantages of each methods. Identify which method you believe to be the most effective and why. Identify which method you believe to be the most ineffective and explain your reasoning.

Examples in the book include:
1. Telephone; used for clarifying issues, checking discrepancies, or obtaining data overlooked by other collection methods.
2. Mailed questionnaire; used for collecting formal survey data.
3. Online; used to obtain pay data for their jobs for comparison purposes.
4. Face-to-face interview;
5. Group conferences; used to collect compensation data.

200-300 word essay. Thanks

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There are two methods in collecting data: observational studies and designed experiments. When an observational study is conducted, the researcher views at the events that have happened without doing anything to influence it in whatever way. This type of study identifies and defines the characteristics of a population and the existing relationships between the variables that compose the population. Observational studies attempt to collect data from a sample which can be used to estimate for the whole population. Other examples of observational study aside from mailed questionnaire, face-to-face interview, and telephone include surveys, sampling of population, census, behavior observation checklist, knowledge tests, performance tests, self-ratings, and more. The errors that can result from this type of study are sampling and ...

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The different data collecting methods and examples. References are included.