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advantages & disadvantages of Data collection Methods

What are some advantages and disadvantages of frequently used data collection methods?

Please discuss: focus groups, telephone surveys.

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Data Collection Methods


There are various data collection techniques used for collecting data. They are divided into two groups i.e. primary and secondary sources of data collection. The most frequently used methods are the primary data collection methods. The paper will discuss some of the very important and frequently used data collection techniques like questionnaires, focus groups, telephone surveys and observations. It will basically discuss the advantages and disadvantages of all these data collection techniques.


It is a set of questions which can be structured, unstructured and open ended or close ended. It has a number of questions that help in data collection. It helps in collecting data from a number of persons over a specific period of time. The various advantages of this technique are as follows:

Ø It does not pressurize the interviewee for answering the questions and so he gives the answers in a free environment and this increase the reliability and authenticity of the answers (Creswell, 2008).

Ø The questionnaire technique is also free from any kind of biasness on the part of the interviewer as there can be no variations in the questionnaires once they are prepared.

Ø Questionnaires are also useful for collecting quantitative information.

Ø With the help of questionnaires, large amount of data can be ...

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The response addresses the queries posted in 815 Words, APA References.