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    Data Collection and Data Analysis tools

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    Examine 2 data collection and analysis tools that can be used in consulting projects. Compare and contrast these tools, identifying advantages and disadvantages of each method. Also, Recommend processes to overcome any disadvantages.

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    Data collection tools:

    There are several data collection tools available, and I will highlight 2 different tools:

    a) Online surveys. This is becoming a very popular way to collect data for projects. Consultants can send out mass emails to individuals or corporations asking them to fill out an online survey.
    b) Historical data collection: this is a very simple way of collecting data - it is essentially archival in nature. If you are looking at a trend, you would go back to journals, periodicals, newspapers, databases... and collect the data that you need.

    a) It is easy, convenient, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can see the results in real time, and you can target people within a very broad geographical reach. It is quite economical (more so then the traditional telephone surveys) and you don't need to have man power to call everyone. You can also collect data anonymously, which might ...

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    This posting highlights 2 different data collection tools (online survey and historical data collection), provides advantages and disadvantages of each. It then explains 2 data analysis tools (SPSS and SAS) and contrasts them against each other.