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    Collecting Data

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    Please assist with ideas for a paper on improving brand management for an automobile company and I need help with describing:

    1) Anticipated the data to be collected
    2) Identify data collection tools and techniques

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    Research objective: To improve brand management for an automobile company

    This research intends to identify possible means to improve brand performance of an automobile company. With the objective of improving brand management, there is an implication that the management is not contented with the current performance of the brand or possibly brand performance has not been meeting targets set by the company.
    To determine the data that must be gathered to attain the research objective, we need to design strategies that would improve brand management for the automobile company. Research questions must be formulated first.

    Research questions:
    1. How may the existing brand be described as to its brand equity in terms of:
    1.1 ...

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    The solution assists with collecting data. It also identifies data collection tools and techniques.