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Collecting Data in Statistics

You anticipate that your presentation with PiggyBank will go well, and want to get ideas for collecting data. Go to the Discussion Board and discuss data collection methods with your peer/mentor group. What tools can be used to collect data? What are some of the issues that occur with data collection? Are some tools more appropriate for collecting certain types of data and why?

What are 2 tools that can be used to collect data?

What are 3 issues regarding data collection processes?

How can these issues affect the analysis of the collected data?

Are some tools more appropriate than others for collecting certain types of data? Why?

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There are so many tools to collect data. Direct involvement can include surveys and interviews. Data collection from organizations and government is another option. The problems with these are the collection methods and populations.
When one collects data, one has to be aware of where it comes from and who collected it. There is also a question of how it was collected and the types of methods used or questions used in the collection. Another issue is whether the populations used ...

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This solution answers several statistics questions about data collection, addressing tools, issues with the process and how they will affect it.