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Mixing methods research

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Define the term mixed method design and identify the advantages and disadvantages of using such a design. Identify and compare three types of mixed method designs.

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The mixing methods research is examined. The expert compares three types of mixed method designs.

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Executive summary:

There are different types of research approaches utilized by the researchers depending on the available data to be collected. The approach can either be qualitative, quantitative and mixed methods depending on the preference of the researcher and the data available. The purpose of this paper is to provide a definition of the mixed method research design, the associated advantages and disadvantages, and the various types of the mixed research design.

Mixing Methods Research:

1.0 Definition

There are several incidents where the researcher may use more than one approach to collect data such as through the combination of both qualitative and quantitative approaches. Combining the use of qualitative and quantitative approaches while gathering research data is referred to as a mixed method design. Other than the combination of the two approaches of data collection, research method design has the capability of overcoming any weaknesses which are ...

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