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    Methods of Research Challenges

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    What are the challenges of conducting mixed methods research?

    What are some of the issues associated with sampling, validity, reliability, and bias within the context of the study

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    Research is conducted to attain a specific objective that is to solve a specific problem. If it were a marketing research, it is the process of designing, gathering, analyzing, and reporting information that may be used to solve a specific marketing problem (Burns and Bush, 2003). As applied to education, it is conducted with the end in view of solving education-related problem or to answer a related inquiry.
    It is important that the research objective is clear to ensure that research problems are stated in a precise manner. Clear statement of the problem would dictate precisely what should be researched; the type of information that must be collected, and consequently provide the framework for the study, or the research method that must be utilized.
    The research method or methods that must be utilized is dependent on the research problem that must be answered and the type and nature of information that must be obtained to answer the research problem.
    The use of one or mixed methods of research is not a personal choice of the researcher. The methods of research that will be used are needed to ensure that the research problem will be answered correctly and sufficiently. According to Zikmund (2003), the objectives of the research, the available data sources, the urgency of the decision, and the cost of obtaining the data will determine ...

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    The methods of research challenges are examined. The issues associated with sampling, validity, reliability and bias within the context of the study is determined.