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The Role of Motivation in Buying Behavior

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Evaluate the challenges of conducting quantitative and qualitative research. What role does the problem (the role of motivation in buying behavior) and purpose sections of the dissertation play in deciding on a methodology? Identify a research question that would be appropriate for each, quantitative and qualitative design.

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Challenges in Conducting Quantitative and Qualitative Research
It is critical for the researcher to select one research method from qualitative and quantitative to conduct research study in effective manner. These both research designs have their own advantages as well as disadvantages that support the researchers to select appropriate research design according to the research issue (Dwyer & Buckle, 2009). For the given research question, i.e. the role of motivation in buying behavior, the establishment of quantitative research may create challenges for the researcher in terms of accessing adequate amount of information related to the consumer buying behavior due to use of statistical data and information (Horton, Rand & Zeckhauser, 2011).

It is analyzed that in the quantitative research, the researchers use survey questionnaire method that may limit the researcher to collect information from the participants. It is because there may be possibility that participants would answer the questions wrongly, which would impact on the research outcomes (Leech & Onwuegbuzie, 2009). But, in qualitative research, due to use of interview and open ended questions, researcher can access the views of participants related to the reasons to change in the behavior and can modify the answer according to the need of the research (Chenail, 2011).

In contrast to this, in doing qualitative research, researchers need to follow ethical guidelines that sometimes, create challenges in creating in-depth analysis of research issue. It is found that in this research context, qualitative research methods will be employed to get perception, beliefs and feelings of people related to the reasons that motivate them to change their buying behavior in the market. It is a sensitive issue that will create challenges for the researcher to carefully consider the ethical principle in order to ensure the confidentiality of participants' views (Karnieli-Miller, Strier & Pessach, 2009).

On the other hand, it is evaluated that due to subjective nature of qualitative research, the researcher may unable to generalize the findings of the research to the population at large. In the qualitative research, researchers use small sample size in order to achieve detailed answer, which indicates that study uses fewer people to access their beliefs and perceptions related to the buying behavior and reasons or motivates that change their buying behavior (Tufford & Newman, 2012). Therefore, it creates issues for the researcher to present accurate outcomes and results related to the role of motivation in buying behavior. But, it is evaluated that through conducting quantitative research, researcher may easily generalize the data. It is because quantitative researcher enables the researchers to convert the findings into percentage and other mathematical expressions ...

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This response provides guidelines and references for evaluating the challenges of conducting quantitative and qualitative research in the context of research question, 'What role does motivation play in buying behavior ?' Furthermore, it is discussed what role the problem and purpose sections of the dissertation play in deciding on a methodology.