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Role of Motivation in Buying Behaviour

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Assess a research methodology you plan to use for this title question (e.g., qualitative, quantitative, or mixed-methods). Justify why this methodology is appropriate for this topic. Explain the importance of having an appropriate methodology along with a well thought-out research design during the planning, data collection, and interpretation phases of the research process. Use scholarly, academic literature to support your response.

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Role of Motivation in Buying Behaviour

For the given title question, qualitative research methodology would be the most suitable. It is because qualitative research includes an in-depth study of the people, what they think and feel, why they think and feel etc. As the research question is to determine the answer of why and what do in context o consumer buying behaviour, the qualitative research approach would be the most suitable (Macdonald, 2009). The qualitative research methodology focuses on what are the reasons to change the behaviour of population in a certain way, which ensures its relevancy with this study. The use of this study would enable the researcher to gain understanding about the reasons, opinions and motives of the people underlie for a particular aspect or behaviour (Chenail, 2011).

Quantitative research methodology is not used for this research study as it mainly concerns about 'how many' people think or behave in a certain aspect, which is not relevant to explore this question as the research is to explore what and why aspect of motivation on buying behaviour rather than how many people's buying behaviour is influenced through motivation. At the same time, quantitative methodology is taken to quantify the behaviour, attitude and beliefs of the people, while qualitative research is supportive to uncover the trends in opinions and thoughts of the people (Luis & Cañadas, 2014). The ...

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In this response, guidelines and references are provided and it is assessed what particular methodology will be useful for researching about the question 'What role does motivation play in buying behavior?' Further, importance of having an appropriate methodology along with a well thought-out research design is also discussed.

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1.Provide a general research background on consumers' motivation to buy.

2.Describe the data collection process.

3.Demographic Charts & Tables:
â-¦Pie Chart for Gender (add a written description below it)
â-¦A chart for Age (add a written description below it)
â-¦Descriptive Statistics of the 6 Factors (add a written description below them)

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5.Apply the research to the findings of your study. What are the implications for marketers?

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