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The Consumer Buying Decision Process

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1.What cultural, social, and personal factors are likely to most influence consumer purchasing of your product or service?
2.What research tools will help you better understand the effect on buyer attitudes and behaviour?
3.Which aspects of consumer behaviour will you emphasize in your marketing plan and why?
4.What marketing activities will you plan to coincide with each stage of the consumer buying process?

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1. Culture represents a crucial aspect of understanding the needs and behaviours of an individual. Factors such as the environment that the person is raised in, their familial values, their preferences, and common behaviours relevant to their own culture will determine how the consumer purchases products. Therefore, many different facets of the cultural, social, and personal factors must be analyzed by a company to ascertain the perception, habits, behaviour or expectations of consumers. Social factors such as reference groups, family, social roles, and status will weigh heavily upon the behaviour of the individual. Membership groups or reference groups that an individual socializes in influence their behaviour immensely. The family is the most influential factor for an individual as one's family is the first exposure that an individual has in the process of socialization. The family environment is responsible for shaping the individual's personality, values, and how they see brands in regard to ...

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