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    Marketing and Current Business Trends

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    Identify and analyze three current business trends that are impacting marketing. What role does motivation play in buying behavior? Use current research on the trends to support your analysis. Please add references and format it according to APA guidelines.

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    In this competitive business environment, it is crucial for the organizations to adopt new and innovative practices to execute the marketing strategies to positively influence consumer buying behavior. In addition to this, motivation tactics are also used by the marketers to encourage the consumers to buy their products and services effectively (Ma, 2014). The purpose of this work is to evaluate and apply the theoretical aspects and research findings to the professional practices. Regarding to this, the guideline identifies and analyzes the current business trends that are impacting marketing and also determines the role of motivation in buying behavior.

    Online Purchasing as Current Business Trend Impacting Marketing
    Over the time, technology has become advanced and innovative that has changed complete scenario for the businesses in the market. In the current business perspective, the use of online purchasing is becoming popular exponentially among the customers that have a great influence on the marketing practices of the firms. The trend of going to a traditional brick-and-mortar store is converting into the trend of online purchasing (Mukherjee, 2014). People are becoming aware about the online shopping sites and are more interested to buy a product or a service over the internet due to busy and work oriented life, local stores with parking and weather problems, long lines, and wobbly shopping carts. Even, e-commerce players such as Flipkart, Alibaba and Amazon are offering hefty discounts and freebies in the virtual world and getting more orders from the customers that have created a big competition for the offline retailers in the global market (Morris, 2013).

    The increasing number of people, who like to buy over the internet due to more convenience, has raised the need for the marketers to focus on this area in abundance to influence the consumer buying behavior. Therefore, due to online shopping booms, marketing staff of the organizations especially electronic firms and technology based firms have started to turn to e-trading for consumer insight (McCole, Ramsey & Williams, 2010). Nowadays, firms have started to invest a large amount of marketing budget in some effective marketing practices such as paid search ads, content driven search engine optimization, social media networks, and cost per click on paid ads, etc. to assist the customers to know their products and services and access the new customers and retain the existing customer for longer period.

    Apart from this, focus of marketers is also increasing over new era promotional strategies such as email newsletter, micro blogs, Smartphone apps, social media like Facebook, twitter, YouTube, etc. ...

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