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    Current trends in business communication

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    What are the current trends in business communication? How does it help you manage work activities?

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    What are the current trends in business communication?

    Business communication is defined as the imparting or exchanging of information and the sharing of ideas or feelings (Workplace Communication, 2011). Furthermore, business communication consists of three types of communication: linear communication, interactional communication, and transactional communication. Linear communication is one way communication from one person to another. Interactional communication is two way communications with feedback. Lastly, transactional communication is a relationship between two or more people where it is some verbal and nonverbal communication occurring simultaneously. Verbal communication, also known as oral communication, in a business is usually formal through meetings, group discussions, and interviews. On the other hand, nonverbal communication consists of written communication such as agendas, reports, and manuals for business communication. Moreover, communication is neither transmission of a message or a message itself it important to understand it as a mutual exchange of understanding ("Business communication", 2012). Effective business communication helps to build the goodwill of an organization and this is accomplished through trends that occur in business communication.

    Business communication trends deal with technological developments and applications pertaining to business processes that related to office operations, data management, data analysis, and professional services and support. Therefore, ...

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    The current trends in business communications are examined. How to manage work activities are given.