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Discussing Business Communication Trends

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Describing current trends in business communication:
- What role does business communication play in your day-to-day activities at work? How does it help you manage your daily work activities?
- What trends have you seen in your current or previous workplaces?
- What message types result from these trends?

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What role does business communication play in your day-to-day activities at work?

The role of business communication within my day-to-day activities at work helps in the development of a work culture as well as the development of work jargon associated within the business. Since business communication has various effects, some of it becomes proprietary in nature to my business due to its sensitivity and becomes owned by the company, and thus makes its originators change their style of communicating with each other as well as to clients.

Essentially, the role of business communication at work is to get business done. ...

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In about 400 words, this solution discusses business communication in the work environment and the role that it plays in everyday activities. Furthermore, the trends of business communication are analyzed in detail.

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