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    Human Management, Networking and Resource Planning

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    Hi, I need some help with preparing a white paper and discussing the following questions.

    Task: Human Resource Planning
    - Half Page: Share the basics of the performance management system used at your company. Based on what you have learned, how would you modify or re-create that system to be more effective?

    Management Information System
    - Half Page: Describe the approaches the companies are using to improve processes and secure information. Provide your reactions to the following comment: Security is not simply a technology issue; it is a business issue.

    - This topic is "Telecommunications and Networking in Today's Business World" and the following three bullets should be a part of the discussion.
    - Networking and Communication Trends
    - What is a Computer Network?
    - Key Digital Networking Technologies
    Explore this topic in further detail. Provide possible solutions for the issue you are discussing, and include specifics as to why a certain solution would be most effective. Thus, the white paper should contain something related to management information systems and their role and facilitation.

    Reference: Laudon, K. C. & Laudon, J. P.(2012). Management Information Systems: Managing the Digital
    Firm. (p. 194). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall.

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    This paper emphasizes the approaches used by the company to improve and secure the business process. It also highlights the use of telecommunication and networking in the modern business world. In this paragraph, there will be discussion over the performance management system in an organization. There will be consideration of the relevancy and importance of the performance management for the organization in terms of increased efficiency and efficacy.

    The performance management is a crucial tool to increase the productivity of each factor of production including human resources. This management is necessary to measure the performance and productivity of the human resource. In the organization, the basics of the performance management entirely depend upon the rate of production per employee in terms of production quantity. There is also consideration of wastage of resources by the organization while an employee performs on his work. These two factors are the main basis of performance management in the organization (Pulakos, 2009).

    - In this section there will be a description of learning from the existing performance management in the organization. There will be focus on the improvement of existing performance management system to increase the productivity of the human resource.

    The existing performance management is a learning aspect which states that the performance should be measured in terms of the number of units produced and wastage of resources while performing the duty. This facilitates the idea of least wastage of economic resources while performing the activities. The existing performance management system is weak in terms of equal level of performance measures as there is a production of different sizes of products. Hence, the production of small size products should not be compared with the production of large size products. There should be an introduction of scale which facilitates the measurement of equal sizes of products so that the performance can be evaluated in number of units' rather than equal production (Pulakos, 2009).

    - In this section there will be discussion over the approaches used to improve processes and secure information. There will be description of security regarding the business issues, involving loss to the business due to an insecure information system.

    Now, the business world has acknowledged the importance of secure information systems that give the personalized view over the information management system. Each organization has its own approach to frame its information management system which entirely depends upon its own nature and ...

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