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    Human Resource Planning and an Organization's Objectives

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    Please help with the following human resource related questions, in at least 300 words.

    What is Human Resources planning?
    How does the HR planning process facilitate the achievement of an organization's strategic objectives?

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    Human resources planning (HRP) can be defined as the "process of determining the human resource needs of an organization and ensuring that the organization has the right number of qualified people in the right jobs at the right time" (Byars & Rue, 2004, p. 116). Companies must put individuals in positions in which they can succeed to ensure that the organization can accomplish its goals. Poor human resource planning can have many short-term and long-term detrimental effects on an organization. It can result in a lack of morale, ineffective results, and a high turnover rate. Human ...

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    This posting helps with a question regarding human resource planning. It describes how the human resource planning process facilitates the achievement of an organization's strategic objects. The explanation is given in 345 words with one reference.