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    current trends in business communication

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    Write a paper, which describes current trends in business communication. Be sure to address the following questions in your paper:

    What role does business communication play in your day to day activities at work? How does it help you manage your daily work activities?
    What trends have you seen in your workplace or previous workplace?
    What message types are results of these trends?

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    Three communication trends that I use on a daily basis at work deal with personal contact, establishing clarity and giving meaningful feedback. Personal contact is one of the most important aspects of communication, and is often the first in the breakdown as well. Since technology has become so prevalent in everyone's lives, far too many people use electronic means of communication as a substitute for personal interaction. This is at the detriment of the company, as tone and meaning can often be miscommunicated when people are not face to face to allow for the determination of the actual meaning of the message. Body language is critical when communicating important or personal details, and when an employee is given actual face time by an employer it shows that the employer values the time they have with the employee. An email or fax is very impersonal and does not show a true time commitment or personal interest in the employee. Granted, some everyday business is easily communicated via email to save time, especially when both parties are busy, but it is important to have physical face time to help develop rapport and trust and to establish commonality between the employer and the employee. With this communication breakdown, my office has begun trending toward weekly communication ...

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    This paper suggests current trends in business communication.