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    Marketing Excellence: Amazon.com

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    Please answer each question after reading the given case study in the attachment. Please answer each question with a minimal of 400 words. (Questions 1-3) Please list all references.

    "Marketing Excellence: Amazon.com". Designing and Managing Integrated Marketing Channels. Chapter 15. Part 6: Delivering Value. Page 443- 444

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    In reviewing of the Amazon.com Marketing Case Study, the assessment entails how the company strives for online retailer success by creating marketing strategies. Let's take a look at three main areas relating to the case study for further understanding:

    1. Why has Amazon.com succeeded online when so many other companies have failed?

    The Amazon.com business strategy entails revolutionize e-commerce through personalized store-fronts with detailed product information. In doing so, the Amazon.com business model uses a consumer direct integration concept to having control in choosing a product. Amazon.com is successful due to e-commerce innovations that expanded over time for strategic approach by adapting to current trends on how consumers make purchases online. One of the main successes is in the technology format of the Amazon.com's website, in which, the consumer utilizes a variety of ways to making purchase 24/7 days a week.

    Try and think of Amazon.com business online success as demonstrating innovation and consumer ...

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