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Please help me identify the type(s) of advertising used by amazon.com. Do the ads differ for consumers vs. businesses? Please explain.

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// The first section will focus on giving an introduction about the company, Amazon.com and it also explains the various types of advertising that the company makes use of. It will discuss about Paid search marketing, Interactive ads on portals, E-mail campaigns, Product Ads, Online Display Advertising and search engine optimization //


Amazon.com is an US e-commerce organization which is based in Seattle (Washington). It was established in 1995 with a vision to serve the customers with low price goods, convenience and a broad range of merchandise. The organization pioneered the sale of various products through an on-line medium. In fact, the organization has set up websites in Germany, the United Kingdom, France, China, Japan and Canada. Its advertising strategy is mainly based on e-business and Internet marketing practices.

Types of Advertising used by Amazon.com

The organization believes that the efficiency of their marketing communications is an outcome of their constant emphasis on ...

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