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Technology Alternatives for e-Marketing Firm

For eMarketing firm, specializing in SEO/SEM (search engine optimization and search engine marketing or pay per click) discuss technology alternatives.

For each alternative, include: description, metrics, cost, pros and cons, and your final recommendation.

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//Prior to discuss the technology alternatives for an 'E-marketing firm', it is essential to understand, what the term means. In this series, the first part of the discussion is including the understanding of the concept of 'E-marketing'.//


E-marketing is the application of broad range of information technologies for creating customer values by transforming marketing strategies. It helps in planning, execution, distribution pricing and promotion of goods, services and ideas. It also helps in satisfying individual customers and organizational customers' objectives. In other words, E-marketing is the application of information technology to the traditional marketing.

//After having a good understanding of the term E-marketing, in the next section of the discussion, the use of 'Search Engine Optimization' is done with its introduction and pros & Cons. With this elucidation, the usefulness of SEO can be understood in real terms. //

Search engine optimization


SEO, search engine optimization is a form of on-line marketing that uses techniques for improving the ranking of web pages in the search engines. It involves creating and improving websites so that its rank in the search engines improves and potential customers or clients can easily find it. It also targets keywords and phrases related to the website and different types of search including image search, local search and industry specific search. It is a dynamic and complicated task. It considers what people search for and how search algorithms work. It involves site's coding, structure and presentation. It also helps in fixing problems that could prevent search engines indexing programs from fully spidering or web crawling a site. In the last few years, SEO is the biggest growth area in the world of Internet.

SEO ...

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The response addresses the queries posted in 1170 words with references.